Our Team Members

Coach Emman

Emman Nazareno

Emman believes in forming young leaders through sports. As a former student-athlete, he knows the importance of sports in shaping students' values like hard work and discipline. Emman dreams of bringing communities together through sports - helping kids realise that dreams do come true with the help of people around them who care and love them to excellence. 

Emman is a product of the Ateneo de Manila basketball program. He was part of the varsity team from grade 5 until he graduated college. A natural leader, he was always the captain ball of all the teams he was a part of. He played for the Philippine team that won the gold against other ASEAN high school teams. A member of the Mythical 5 of the UAAP Juniors division, he helped Ateneo win back-to-back championships. He also excelled in his academics, earning the Moro Lorenzo Achievement award - the highest distinction given to any graduating student-athlete. 

He was also able to play one year in college in a reserve role after spending three years in the UAAP Seniors' training team. He is currently the new sports program coordinator of Xavier School Nuvali.

Coach Eski

Eski Ripoll


Eski believes in providing opportunities for every Filipino child to dream and live out their passion for sports through education. 

Eski is a strength and conditioning coach. After his undergraduate studies at the University of the Philippines, he took his masters in Sports Science at the University of Sydney. He has trained champion teams in basketball, football, track and field and taekwando for both the collegiate and national level.

Now acting as a consultant for Magna Anima Education System, Inc., he works with public schools to develop their sports program by training coaches and teachers. In partnership with Leeds Beckett University and the British Council, he aims to promote coaching as a profession and support the development of coaches in the Philippines. 

Belay Ripoll

Belay’s life and love of sports is hard to compare with. After taking her masters in Physical Education at the University of the Philippines, she is finishing her doctorate in Philosophy in Nutrition.

 Once a member of the UP volleyball, softball and track and field teams, she has never stopped being involved in sports. After helping both Ateneo and FEU set up sports fitness centers, she now is the sports nutritionist of the Philippine Boxing team.

 A mother to three athletes herself, she takes pride in educating people not only on what to eat but also on how to train. She wants to teach Filipino athletes that eating right is important to achieving their goals. Belay dreams in helping produce the first ever Filipino gold medal boxing Olympian.