Elevate-XSN Basketball Curriculum


Overall Guiding Principles

1.     Developing the Fundamental Movement Skills (FMS) is fostered together with basketball-specific skills.

2.     The paramount objective of the Elevate Sports Program is to promote the ‘Active for Life’ philosophy and lifestyle.

3.     It is imperative that the curriculum challenges the athletes to strive for excellence. Develop good and correct ‘habits’ in basketball.

4.     NO EARLY SPECIALIZATION. Everyone is encouraged to learn to play ALL positions.

5.     Emphasis is placed on long-term athlete development with a vision for the players to succeed in the sport in the future. Winning today is secondary.

Game Themes and Game Principles

The Game Themes and Game Principles are the recurrent situations that players have to resolve in the course of the game that, if not mastered, make it very unlikely that the player will accomplish the objective of the sport.  It is about understanding the game so that they can play in any system. For basketball this revolves around the Game Format or the number of players on the court. The standard game formats in competitions are 3v3 and 5v5. 

The progression of the game principles is based on the Game Format and on the age-group, but this is done for ease of understanding and based on our knowledge of where players are typically at in the different age groups. The progression is meant as a continuum and thus, it is linked more to stage of development rather than chronological age. It presents a more or less logical tool to facilitate coaches’ preparation of practice plans and player learning. Different groups and players will progress along this continuum in different ways and at different rates, and it is the coach’s job to constantly review and adapt their plans based on player/team development (or lack of!).