The elevate Sports Academy uses the Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD)  framework.

LTAD allows you to step back and look at the “big picture” of what your sport needs. It helps simplify the structure of your sport. It details a consistent, evidence-based system for developing athletes. It is used as a plan to help all those involved in your sport to work together seamlessly (i.e. coaches, officials, event organisers, clubs/teams, athletes, parents). And most of all, it is an "inclusive" framework for athletes of any caliber and not just high performance.

LTAD is about achieving optimal training, competition and recovery throughout an athlete’s career, particularly in relation to the important growth and development years of young people. If a long-term approach to training is not adopted there is likely to be a plateau in performance, when growth and development slows significantly. In short, it is about adopting an athlete-centered approach.

The framework is made up of five stages:

  1. FUNdamentals (Ages 6-9)
  2. Learn to Train (Ages 9-12)
  3. Train to Train (Ages 12-15)
  4. Train to Compete (Ages 15-18)
  5. Train to Win (Ages 18+)

The LTAD framework is also used in countries such as Canada, United Kingdom, Australia and South Africa.

*Source: Canada LTAD-A Sport Perspective; UK LTAD Framework